Life discoveries

by Matthias Lübke

After a very turbulent year 2021, we may look back and reflect on everything which has happened: important experiences, distractions from life, wonderful things, disappointments, and aberrations? Perhaps there are also discoveries that we can pass on to other people.

"Life discoveries" often don't look spectacular neither do they make the headlines, but they are like a life preserver which becomes vital in the storms of life. God's Word comes close to us then and becomes vital to our survival.

For me, there were also some "life discoveries" this year. One of them was to find out how fragile our lives are and how little control we have. In this state we find ourselves thoughtful, needy and small. It makes us realize once again how dependent we are on help. It is precisely into this discovery of life that Jesus speaks His Word and shows us that He has the strength which we ourselves lack. But He is the firm lighthouse in the storm, that never turns away people who come to Him in need. He heals the broken hearts, calms the storm, and gives courage to move forward.  

Jesus Himself says: "...whoever comes to me, I will not turn him away..." (John 6:37b) We may come to abide with Him forever and ever. In this, Jesus becomes our peace. Peace paired with contentment even when circumstances are difficult and oppressing. Seeking refuge in God - opens salvation and joy unceasingly. This experience makes us very small- and God very big!

Food for thought: What life discovery would you share from your life today?

I wish you a blessed year 2022- with best regards

Matthias Lübke (for the board)

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