Helping people in need

Helping People in need means so much more than delivering relief supplies. Our aim is for the people we help to experience holistic support that will, in turn, enable them to further reach out to others in need. The aid is always handled by local church communities. It is personally and culturally adapted, familiar and sustainable. It honors the intrinsic value of every individual and is dispensed within the context of personal relationships. This way people in distress can experience the unconditional love of Jesus.

By using native teams to care for the needy even in remote areas, we are able to provide help in sustainable ways. For example, in Nepal, we have actively provided support since the earthquake on the 25th of April 2015. We have offered pastoral care and relief for victims; and we have worked to reconstruct villages and schools that were struck. In this process we have rendered no special favors to the better positioned social or ethnic groups, but have shown the same esteem and respect to every person affected.

Help for people in need