Godparent program

Godparent programs help needy children establish a solid foundation for their lives.

Since 2000 we have provided godparent sponsorships for children in distress. The sponsorships are managed on site through our projects in Africa and Asia. They give the children the opportunity to step out of the downward spiral of abuse and poverty.

We want to be a voice for those whose cries are not heard and who are on the verge of drowning in the misery and destitution of this world.

NEW: We also provide project-sponsor programs to support our partners in Africa and Asia to get help with running costs of their different teams.

Example: We are looking for godparents who support monthly our project partners at Khayelisha Care Project (KCP). The base and basis team needs financial help to continue with their programs in the local community.

If you are interested please let us know. We will help you to get involved. Just mention in your email: "Project-Sponsor Program"

Become a godparent!

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Nepali godchild
Your support changes people's lives!
Some of the KCP staff with Msinga e.V. visitors from Germany, Jan 2016